Each year, Pine Grove takes an All Church Retreat to Mt Asbury. The retreat is designed to develop stronger relationships within the church family and is a vital component of our discipleship process. The retreats are topical and are designed to engage some aspect of the Christian life. There are break out sessions for children, youth and adults. We share meals and worship together. The facilities at Mt. Asbury are incredibly accessible and provide hotel like accomodations. Surrounded by over 100 acres of pine, hemlock, spruce, and oak forest, this tranquil setting affords surprising opportunities ranging from time and space for quiet reflection to possibilities of more active involvement in outdoor sports like cross country skiing and mountain biking.

Mt. Asbury Retreat 2016

October 28,29,30

Room costs are: $80 Double, $70 Triple & $60 Quad

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Topic: "Twisting the Truth"

Common but deadly deceptions impact us every day. They can twist our thinking in ways we'd never expect and leave us with a life we never imagined. Our ability to recognize them can spell the difference between happiness and the loss of all we hold dear.  In our discussions we will explore common ways God's truth gets twisted. Each one has the potential to destroy our relationships, cloud our decisions, and distort our perception of God. This retreat will help us discover the ways the truth gets twisted in our lives and culture and, more importantly, how we can recognize and overcome them.