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Welcome to Pine Grove United Methodist Church.

We hope you find our site easy to navigate and informative.  Pine Grove's mission is to become a community of transforming love.  We are a small but growing church located in the Leaders Heights community.  

The best way to connect with our congregation is to begin your journey at one of our Sunday morning gatherings. There is no designated dress code, so you may come as you are.  We understand that finding a church can be an overwhelming process, sometimes it can feel like showing up at someone else's family reunion and feeling more left out than a part of what is happening. We pray that this is not your experience at Pine Grove! Beyond worship, there are other beginning places you might want to consider. The church office is open Monday through Thursday 9-1 p.m. or by appointment.

Our Pastor would enjoy getting to know you. In addition, we have several weekly bible studies, as well as an explore hour that is designed to be visitor friendly, with no preparation necessary to engage in Christian conversation.  We hope that whether or not we ever have a chance to get to know you, that the Lord will guide you to a church where you are enabled to connect intimately with Him.

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