Welcome to Pine Grove!

Welcome to Pine Grove a diverse community of believers.  Here we seek to become a community of transforming love.

Come experience life transformed from the pressures of our conflicted world  by the work of God’s transforming love.  There is no better place than to belong to a Christ-centered community, who makes God’s love their aim.  Here we look to be challenged and perfected by God’s grace and share that love  with those who so desperately need it.   There is a place for everyone!  

Our mission is built on five distict vision themes that God has revealed to us: diversity, learning/growing, joy/spirit-filled, reaching out, and creative/expressive.  Since God has given us this vision, we have seen the Holy Spirit at work enabling us to accomplish the vision within our own community.  We pray that you will join us in our work to live into transforming love!